Prosperity for all


Our vision is for a thriving local economy that leads to inclusive prosperity.

Business Recovery & Expansion

We are focused on supporting local businesses to help them survive and thrive and ensure they continue to call this region home.


Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Onward Eugene is committed to increasing the number of startups in our region and providing world class support for new companies to innovate and thrive in our community. 

Regional Marketing & Business Recruitment

The Eugene Area has so much to offer and we are working to amplify the visibility of the innovation that is happening in this region to signal to the nation that this is where businesses want to locate.

Talent & Leadership Development

Talent is the number one input to growth for all traded-sector industries. We work with regional partners to develop, retain and recruit a talented workforce through training opportunities and innovative programming.

What we are working on


Child Care Sector Strategy

We are working to increase access to quality, affordable child care in Lane County. Strategies include supporting the Early Child Care Business Accelerators and Fast Track programming at Lane Community College; launching a statewide media campaign, Child Care Works for Oregon; and helping employers support working parents. To learn more, contact Holly Mar Conte at


Professional Development & Entrepreneurship

Onward Eugene is dedicated to supporting underserved communities. By providing leadership training, soft skill development, and startup support to women, BIPOC folks, folks with low income, Veterans, and those with disabilities, we enrich our community and further our mission of prosperity for all. If you are interested in joining a professional development cohort or mentoring a cohort member, contact Skye Ten Eyck at