As a leader and manager, do you struggle with balancing conflicting personalities on your team? Do you sometimes feel you’re fighting an uphill battle to stay productive and efficient in your work or team? Are you planning for succession?

These are just a few concerns local leaders like yourself can tackle at the Leadership Summit: RISE to Your Potential management training bootcamp. Unlike other inspirationally-focused leadership workshops, you will walk away from this training with actionable tools, new skills, and a wider network of peers leveling up their management and leadership skills. Successful businesses are led by excellent leaders. Invest in building these skills and watch your profits and employee satisfaction grow.


Everyone has a leadership voice all their own. What’s yours? Knowing your leadership voice, communication style, and strengths and challenges will help you elevate to a new altitude by communicating more effectively, leveraging the strengths of relationships your build, and optimizing performance.


Businesses have a higher probability of increased revenues and success when it has strong leaders and managers, but how do you and your employees lead more effectively? Develop an understanding and better leverage the power of influence in all of your relationships at work and beyond. Gain insights on how you may compromise your influence without even knowing it—and what you can do about it!


Do you struggle with team or personal productivity and balance? Use the 5 Gears to become present and productive in a world where there is never enough time. Understand how to shift into the right gear at the right time, to truly connect with others around you.

Women leaders play an essential role in keeping our community moving forward in times of uncertainty. As Managers & Leaders, Caregivers, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Changemakers, and so much more, women influence the shape of our community as we know it today.

We invite you to celebrate those nominated by their peers to be celebrated for their contributions to making the Eugene area a better place for all.

Good leadership deserves sincere recognition. It is why the Women Business Leaders Program and title sponsor, Northwest Community Credit Union, are proud to present this year’s Leader of the Year award reception immediately following the Leadership Summit. This annual award recognizes the powerful role women play in moving our community forward as business leaders, community organizers, entrepreneurs, and more. Join us as we celebrate the unique contribution of women in our community, and the special moment one of three finalists is announced as this year’s Leader of the Year.

Admission is included for those attending the Leadership Summit, and tickets to this reception are also sold separately.

Scholarships Generously Endowed by Endeavor

Thank you to the Chamber’s Annual Sponsors