EUG Launchpad

A program of onward eugene

Launching entrepreneurs from inception to acquisition.

The EUG Launchpad is a 12-week program for graduates of ID8 or community entrepreneurs who want to launch their startup. The goal of the program is to help entrepreneurs advance from an idea and business model to launching their first products into a target market. Think of the EUG Launchpad Accelerator in terms of the disciplined step-by-step preparation process used by NASA or SpaceX from arrival at launchpad to liftoff. 

Based on the Disciplined Entrepreneur curriculum developed at MIT, the EUG Launchpad leads participants through 24 sequential steps from identification of their initial “beachhead” market to their first sales into that market. 

Classes are supplemented with instruction from outside speakers and subject matter experts. Participants will have the opportunity to work with mentors with specific skill sets based on the participant’s identified need. Participants will also learn how to pitch to investors, competition judges, and a community audience as a means of demonstrating they have been able to coalesce everything they’ve learned into an appealing, fact-supported presentation. As final evidence of their skill development, participants will “pitch” to a community audience, not necessarily with the intent to raise money, but to showcase the skills they’ve learned to become a successful entrepreneur.

EUG Launchpad is offered in the Summer and Winter of each year.  Find out more information or apply by contacting Startup Community Director, Caitlin Vargas at 


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